Victoria Quarter Wind Analysis, Barnet

We carried out a wind analysis and Pedestrian Comfort Assessment for Fairview New Homes’ 14 residential block site in Barnet, London.

Key details

Project name

Victoria Quarter


Fairview New Homes


Barnet, London


Services provided:

- Wind analysis and Pedestrian Comfort Assessment

- Reports to Discharge Planning Conditions


We carried out the calculation using CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamic simulation software. The modelling and simulations are time consuming and require very good knowledge of aerodynamic principles and a software package for urban wind assessment adapted to the local areas where wind resources and patterns need to be analysed.

Wind Analysis Victoria Quarter


To help the site achieve compliance with Barnet Policy DM05, we established a complex 3D Microflow analysis by following Lawson Comfort Criteria. We outlined the overall methodology and the use of the Lawson Comfort Criteria to describe the expected on-site wind conditions.

Two sets of simulations with 10 m/s and 15 m/s were completed to investigate any potential turbulence within the site.

Our study concluded that overall, wind conditions around the proposed buildings are expected to be suitable for the current pedestrian use throughout the year, with no safety exceedances due to strong winds.


Project statistics

Residential block
10 m/s
Worst case scenario wind speed for 1.5m above the ground view from West and South-West, East and South
10 m/s
Worst case scenario wind speed for 1m above the ground view from North-East South-West
15 m/s
Worst case scenario wind speed for 0.5m above the ground from East South

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