Bridge Inventory, Inspection, and Appraisal Program (BRINSAP)

RPS has inspected more than 21,000 miles of bridges across Texas over the last 20 years through the Texas Department of Transportation's Bridge Inspection Program. Each bridge was inspected carefully in accordance with guidelines from the National Highway Institute (NHI) Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges training course and the current bridge inspection manual's "Coding Guide" to rate each element of each bridge component.Inspections included single- and multi-span concrete, timber and steel bridges in locations as diverse as high-traffic, interstate highways in dense urban areas such as Houston, Austin, Dallas and San Antonio, as well as bridges on rural farm-to-market and unpaved county roads.


  • 1998

    Start date

  • 2018

    Completion date

1 /02

Start date


Completion date

Key details

Project name

Bridge Inventory, Inspection, and Appraisal Program (BRINSAP)


Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)


  • Roads


  • Throughout Texas, USA

Services provided

  • Civil engineering
  • Structural engineering


Evaluate the status of thousands of bridges throughout the state to determine the status of each structure.



Provide high-quality, consistent reporting of bridge structures in areas throughout the state.

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