Turangi economic development strategy

Our economics team has been working with Go Tongariro and Perception Planning to prepare an economic development strategy for the region of Turangi on New Zealand’s North Island.


With a mission to promote the social and economic development of Turangi/Tongariro, Go Tongariro was seeking actionable insights into the regional opportunities and challenges to guide its planning for community and economic improvement initiatives.  

Building an in-depth understanding of regional characteristics through extensive consultation with advisory board members and key stakeholders, RPS developed socio-economic profiles for Turangi and its broader regions.

From there, our team used the profile findings to develop an economic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis for the area. This research has informed the development of a detailed Economic Development Strategy for Turangi, including action plan strategies for bringing the region’s economic development visions to life.

Trees and mountains in Turangi, New Zealand

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