Timoole Unauthorised Landfill Remediation

Working on behalf of Meath County Council, we managed a multi-stage remediation project of an unauthorised landfill in Timoole, Co. Meath that included geotechnical site investigations, design and tender documentation and tender evaluation phases.


An estimated waste infill volume of 34,000m3 across an area of 2.9 hectares was needed in this rurally-located site at the end of a cul-de-sac with very sensitised and anxious neighbours. In addition we contributed to a public consultation process undertaken to keep the local community up to date on the objectives of the project. 

Key details

Project name

Timoole Unauthorised Landfill Remediation


Meath Co. Council


County Meath, Ireland

Services provided

  • Construction supervision
  • Contract administration
  • Client engagement 
  • Public consultation 


The excavation and disposal of waste predominantly consisting of domestic and light industrial waste (paper, newspaper, plastic, bottles, timber) with an approximate volume of close to 50,000m3.

A strict regime of determining that the waste material had been excavated fully by way of inspections of the floor of the excavation and the consequent survey of the floor profile for the purposes of volumetric calculations.

Managing the excavation process on the basis of projected volumes of waste (based on the site investigation) and interpolation and the visual inspection of the excavation.

Traffic management within a confined site bounded on three sides by watercourses and the access road into the site itself.

Maintenance of the road surface of the cul-de-sac for the use of the neighbours by daily use of a road-sweeper.

Co-ordination of the exporting of the excavated material to a licenced facility with a short haul over public roads.

Timoole 1.JPG


Public consultation meetings were held in advance of project commencement to allay the primary concerns of the local community.

Site enabling works, included the installation of:

  • security systems
  • a weather station
  • perfume spray
  • the installation of a precast culvert to isolate the water flowing in the adjacent watercourse from potential contamination

With commencement of excavation, some 50,000m3 of material was removed and exported. Excavation depth ranged from 5-10m. Regular daily inspections were undertaken to ensure a clean bottom had been reached with Trimble 3D survey hardware used to measure the profile of the clean floor. Backfill materials were sought from a number of sites within the local jurisdiction.

The concluding remedial works focused on grass seeding, planting of hedging and shrubbery on boundaries, as well as the reinstating of the road on-site and the removal of the precast culvert to restore the natural watercourse.

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