The Mercian

Towering at 42-storeys high, The Mercian is the tallest residential tower in Birmingham. This exciting new-build development provides 481 high quality Build to Rent apartments for professionals living and working in the city centre, well-connected to the wider city through the expansion of the tram network.

Boasting high-quality amenity space, creating a modern community lies at the heart of this prestigious project; the Mercian residents benefit from a gym, health centre, dining club, residents’ lounge and a 200m rooftop running track on the third-floor terrace, one of the first in the UK’s housing market.

The Mercian is now operating and includes 310 co-working spaces, offering a relaxed, flexible environment with private meeting rooms, perfect for modern day working life.

Key details

Project name
The Mercian

Moda Living


Services provided

  • Project Management
  • Employer’s Agent
  • Client Health & Safety Advisor


Operating as Project Managers, Employer’s Agent and Client Health & Safety Advisor on this complex city-centre project amidst Brexit and Covid uncertainty presented us with multiple challenges.

We had to address the planning, design, practical, logistical, and legal challenges inherent in constructing a tall residential building with limited site access in a city-centre location. Part of this involved accounting for surrounding developments, such as the new metro extension, as well as managing and engaging multiple stakeholders, including responding to a pivotal change in contractor.

Our role required assisting our client during early stages to overcome planning, design and procurement challenges, involving a range of significant technical, commercial, and planning complexities characteristic of the tallest residential building in Birmingham.

In the construction stage we have worked collaboratively with the project team through the Covid pandemic, ensuring that completion of construction and subsequent occupation remained in line with scheduled progress.



Acting pragmatically, we responded to these problems with clear communication to our client and stakeholders, employing our excellent understanding of the unique planning, design, cost, procurement, and construction challenges of tall residential buildings.

  • Supported the project team to secure an implementable planning consent that was consistent with our clients brief and commercial objectives.
  • Following the liquidation of our previous PCSA contractor, we successfully formalised a bespoke procurement strategy for Moda leading to a replacement contract being appointed and work commencing in the Spring of 2019.
  • Throughout the entire project we have established and maintained a risk and change management process, ensuring absolute delivery by maintaining a modern and adaptable approach, responding to Moda’s evolving brand and incorporating these changes into the design.
  • In reaction to Brexit and Covid complications, we achieved quality, programme, and cost certainty for our client by negotiating agreements with the entire project team, main contractor and European suppliers.

Project statistics

Storey tower
Luxury apartments
Retail, leisure and office space
Amenity space
Rooftop running track
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