Swing Swang Lane Daylight Analysis, Basingstoke

For a 100-dwelling site in Basingstoke, our environment team investigated the site’s compliance against the Building Research Establishment (BRE) report for daylight and sunlight levels, recognised by planning authorities as the industry standard.  

Key details

Project name

Swing Swang Lane



Redrow Homes




Services provided:

- Sunlight / daylight analysis

- Reports to discharge Planning condition


Daylight and sunlight analysis require as much information as possible to accurately represent the reality: every type of shading device, trees, topography or columns need to be replicated in the 3D model before the simulation. The big challenge of this project was handling 100 units and splitting the site into 4 different simulations to obtain results using IES-VE (Integrated Environmental Solutions Virtual Environment) software.

Daylight analysis swing swang lane


We carried out a study on the dwellings to establish the average daylight factors, vertical sky component and annual and probable sunlight hours.

After developing complex 3D modelling, we identified practical solutions for daylighting compliance and concluded that 97.3% of the bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms of the new development met the BRE criteria for daylighting factor.

After assessing sunlight levels, we confirmed that 79% of the bedrooms and kitchen were compliant with annual probable sunlight hours and 66.89% of winter probable sunlight hours.

We concluded that the development did not have an impact on the available sunlight on the surrounding properties.

Project statistics

Dwelling site
Bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms met BRE criteria for daylighting factor
Bedrooms and kitchen compliant with annual probable sunlight hours
Bedrooms and kitchen compliant with winter probable sunlight hours

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