South Potters Bar

To support Wrotham Park Estate, we provided transport planning input to the development of a masterplan for around 900 homes to the south of Potters Bar. The masterplan supported a vision document promoting the site in the Hertsmere Local Plan.

We developed an access strategy for the site, both for active travel modes and two new vehicle accesses. The masterplan included a ‘mobility hub’ within initial proposals to highlight potential for the site to increase use of sustainable modes of travel. The on-site mobility hub would combine facilities for a strategic bus route as well as locations for car club, bike hire and electric vehicle charging.

Key details

Project name

South Potters Bar


Wrotham Park Estate


Hertfordshire, UK

Services provided:

- Transport planning


The site is on the southern edge of the town of Potters Bar, and it was therefore essential that it could be stitched into the transport network in a logical and accessible way to demonstrate the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) requirement of safe and suitable access for all users. The site has two road frontages but is constrained by overhead electricity transmission cables and a railway under part of the site and the southern edge is defined by the M25 motorway. The client needed a transport solution to develop the masterplan that provided access but would also aid active travel connections and open up a public transport route through the site.

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We carried out a review of access options for all modes of travel and worked closely with the technical team to achieve a strategy that works holistically with the site as a whole.

By drafting two accesses, we have provided future flexibility for the planning application to allow either a through vehicle route or separate accesses for different portions of the site. The through-route would allow buses to travel through the site and ensure walk distances to public transport were minimised.

We also proposed a mobility hub concept that would combine public transport stops with other services such as car club, bike hire and electric vehicle charging. The site was included in the draft Hertsmere Local Plan as site PB3.

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