Rose Kiln Court

Property investor, Logicor, required our support during the acquisition of a new commercial site. They commissioned us to undertake an environmental due diligence assessment to minimise the risk of development failure, unexpected costs and delays.

As part of the assessment, we considered the scope for light industrial uses. The site our client was hoping to acquire was located in a mixed commercial and residential area with a watercourse adjacent to the north and northwest borders.

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Rose Kiln Court







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Environmental Due Diligence – Phase 1 Environmental Liability Review


During the site inspection, we discovered a large diesel generator and an associated fuel tank located above the ground level. Following the discovery, we identified an underground piping network between the two components. This could have been a very serious step-back for our client if not found early as it could have presented a potential pollutant-pathway-linkage into the underlying groundwater and nearby watercourse.

While assessing the site we discovered the exit points of two culverts. Both were located on the boundary of the site, which the client was unaware of until this point. As the site was to be redeveloped, further consideration was necessary as there may have been a requirement to protect the integrity of the culverts during redevelopment to prevent the overloading of the structures which could have resulted in their collapse.

Rose Kiln Court exterior images for due diligence assessment


To reduce the risk to the investor, we advised that additional documentation surrounding the maintenance of the fuel tank should be sought. Once obtained, we reviewed the documentation and were able to lower the identified risk as it was evident the infrastructure had been well maintained.

The investor commissioned a full drainage survey, as a result of the culvert observation made by our specialist team during the site inspection. As this information was critical to informing the proposed development, it was vital for our client to incorporate in the process as early as possible to prevent delays and expenditures further down the line. 

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