Pluvial Surface Water Modelling, Port of Liverpool

We are undertaking hydraulic modelling to assist in the delivery of the A5036 Prices Way – the access to the Port of Liverpool infrastructure scheme for Highways England.

Key details

Project name

Pluvial Surface Water Modelling, Port of Liverpool



Highways England


Port of Liverpool


Services provided

- Hydraulic modelling

- Flood risk assessment


The scheme includes building a significant infrastructure asset across an area with a complex hydrological regime. The hydrological system comprises uncontrolled surface water catchment run-off, a controlled public sewer drainage system, a semi-modified watercourse and a groundwater presence evident as wetland.

These elements are heavily connected and interact in complex ways, for example, combined sewer overflows and outfalls link the drainage network to the watercourse system.

Construction works at the Port of Liverpool


Highways England require hydraulic modelling to understand the baseline scenario and inform the design of the proposed road, including required mitigation measures. Our modelling must be undertaken at several scales. Initially, a high-lever catchment scale direct 2D model is required in order to understand primary surface water flow mechanisms and patterns of flooding throughout the wider area. This creates an evidence base for comparison to demonstrate that the scheme will not have a detrimental impact on flood risk elsewhere.

At a smaller scale, we will produce a more refined version of the model at a finer resolution to capture the complete hydraulic system in greater detail.

Modelling is required to assess the behaviour of the system in flood events, but to also understand the functionality and variation of the wetland and hydrological system over more long-term seasonal timeframes.


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