Plastic Packaging Recycling Strategy 2018 - 2030

REPAK, the body responsible for the way Ireland engage with packaging waste asked RPS to develop a road-map to implement the European Commission Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy published in 2018.

The Plastic Packaging Recycling Strategy developed by RPS sets out measures that:

  • Assist Ireland in meeting its reuse and recycling targets.
  • Stimulate the design and production of plastics and plastic products that optimises use and recycling.
  • Support the circular economy objectives.
  • Achieve the above in a cost-effective manner.

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  • Plastic Packaging Recycling Strategy 2018 - 2030




  • Dublin, Ireland

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Plastic is an important material in our economy, but too often the way plastics are produced, used and discarded fails to capture the economic benefits of a more ‘circular’ approach and harms the environment. This is a complex issue that will require transforming the way products are designed, produced, used, and recycled. A collaborative approach from the many stakeholders in the plastic value chain. The main challenges are to:

  • Make recycling profitable for business.
  • Curb plastic waste.
  • Stop littering at sea.
  • Drive investment and innovation.
  • Spur change across the world.

The European Commission set out targets to reuse and recycle 50% of all plastic packaging waste by 2025 and 55% by 2030. This translate increasing plastic recycling in Ireland from 98,000 tonnes currently to 175,000 tonnes by 2030.

A well designed and delivered strategy represents a win-win scenario for the environment, the economy and stakeholders.

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Working with REPAK, RPS developed a two-phased Plastics Packaging Recycling Strategy to meet the vision set out by the European Commission.

The Strategy development has been informed by the European Commission framework, a review of evidence and scientific papers and an extensive engagement with stakeholders.

To achieve the strategic objectives of the European Commission vision, a set of priorities (set out below) were developed. REPAK will use these to influence and promote collaboration in the plastic supply chain and between public authorities and industry to achieve the outlined objectives.

REPAK Strategic Priorities:

  • Designing better plastic packaging
  • Improving data flows & evidence
  • Increasing Reuse & Recycling
  • Encouraging Consumers Sustainable Consumption

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