Pacific Adventurer Oil Spill

On the 11th March 2009, the 185 metre container ship the Pacific Adventurer lost 31 containers in heavy seas about seven nautical miles east of Cape Moreton. The fallen containers caused damage to the ship and resulted in the loss of heavy fuel oil.

The RPS emergency response duty officer was activated and asked to model not only the trajectory of the heavy fuel oil but also the fate and trajectory of the contents of the containers; ammonium nitrate.

An RPS emergency response officer was also involved in the beach clean-up assessment.

“Maritime Safety Queensland-led clean-up operations formally concluded on 19 June 2009 after an independent consultant (Asia Pacific Applied Science Associates) declared that beaches were clean (according to national plan guidelines).”

From Maritime Safety Queensland website.


  • Predicted shoreline impact of the Pacific Adventurer oil spill modelled by RPS Emergency Response duty officer

  • Observed shoreline impact of the Pacific Adventurer oil spill

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