NSW Social and Affordable Housing Fund

RPS is working with NSW's Department of Family and Community Services and Land and Housing Corporation to deliver the $1 billion Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF).


Representing a new approach to procurement, delivery and service provision, SAHF encourages partnership between the private sector and non-for-profit service providers to address social and affordable housing demand. Engaged by the Department of Family and Community Services, RPS consultants are supporting the SAHF project through strategic advice on program structure, funding and market engagement.  

Birdseye view of housing in Sydney, NSW Australia


RPS acted as the transaction manager for the SAHF program, which is being delivered in two phases by the NSW Government. SAHF has been designed around an initial investment of capital by the NSW Treasury Corporation – the returns of which are used to fund the SAHF program on an ongoing basis. 

Unlike traditional models of social housing delivery, the Government does not own dwellings, but enters into contracts with social housing providers to provide housing along with integrated support services that help people to live more independently and even empower them to move on from supported housing.

In addition to facilitating greater collaboration between industry and government in addressing a community need, the program is also working to generate significant efficiencies over and above the traditional model of government-led social housing and associated service delivery. This is achieved through partnership with experienced service providers and building on the existing quality and experience of those providers to enhance capacity and improve outcomes for the sector.

Project statistics

year service delivery duration for each phase
social and affordable homes in NSW over the next four years (SAHF Phase 1)
additional social and affordable homes to be delivered in Phase 2

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