National Speed Limit Review

Following the publication of new Guidelines, ‘Setting and Management of Speed Limits in Ireland’, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS) directed Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) to carry out a full review of the national road network and an update of all speed limits to address inconsistencies and the perceived inappropriateness of certain speed limits.

RPS carried out the review on behalf of TII, appraised and assessed over 2,800km of road network, collaborated with 18 Local Authorities, and made recommendations for changes to existing speed limits where necessary in accordance with the Guidelines in order to bring about a greater level of credibility, respect and compliance with the speed limit system across the country.

Key details

Project name

National Speed Limit Review


Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)



Services provided

  • Route assessment
  • Data collection and data management
  • GIS modelling
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Preparation of speed limit bye-laws


The scale of the task of carrying out the thorough assessment of the existing road network required  by the guidelines within the tight timeframe set out was a very significant one for TII and would require significant resources. This also posed a significant challenge in terms of achieving consistency across the review and assessment teams, and in terms of the consultation with every Local Authority affected.


RPS addressed these key challenges by:

  • providing four locally based teams working from four geographically separated RPS offices;
  • developing standard assessment processes and templates to bring consistency to the review;
  • using our GIS expertise to critically and methodically assess relevant data sets;
  • producing detailed GIS based maps of the network to communicate proposed recommendations to all Stakeholders;
  • developing an Interim Notes for Guidance to document agreed approaches to address specific issues and to inform future revision of the Speed Limit Guidelines.

Project statistics

Hours spent on site assessing and appraising existing routes
Grade separated junctions reviewed by RPS.
Local Authorities which the TII’s review team collaborated with.
Kilometres of national road assessed by RPS.

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