Mornington Flood Alleviation Scheme

RPS were initially appointed by the Office of Public Works to undertake a feasibility study into the provision of a flood alleviation scheme for Mornington, County Meath. Mornington is located on a low lying area of land on the east coast of Ireland on the banks of the Mornington River which is tidal for almost the entire reach through the town.


RPS initially undertook an extensive data collection exercise which included the collation of hydrometric and gauged data, information on historical events, an environmental screening exercise and topographical and bathymetric data. A hydrological analysis was undertaken of the Mornington River for a wide range of flood events to provide input to the hydraulic models. Hydraulic models were created of both the coastal environment and river network and a joint probability analysis undertaken accordingly.

A wide range of flood maps were produced for a range of flood probabilities ranging from 50% AEP to 0.5% AEP. The public and stakeholders were consulted on the mapping. RPS then developed a range of flood alleviation solutions and assessed their relative merits against a range of environmental, economic and social criteria. This incorporated a full cost benefit analysis in accordance with the requirements of the Multi Coloured Manual. An Environmental Impact Statement was carried out on the preferred scheme and then planning applied for which included a statutory public consultation exercise which was launched by the Minister for Finance for Ireland.


Once the scheme had been approved and a budget confirmed, RPS procured and managed a site investigation, mapped and traced all services and subsequently produced a detailed design which incorporated flood embankments, reinforced concrete walls, bridge amendments, back drainage and a surface water pumping station.

The scheme was constructed by the OPW direct labour and RPS provided design support for the duration of the works. In addition RPS prepared tender documents, drawings and specifications for the pumping station and procured and supervised a contractor to undertake these works.

RPS also undertook the role of Project Supervisor Design Process and Project Supervisor Construction Stage to comply with Irish Health and Safety Regulations. The scheme was completed under budget and on schedule.

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