Lynes Farm, Ringwood

The survey of this large multi-acre site based around Lynes Farm comprised of numerous large arable fields, along with some pastureland, and also included the surrounding roads to the north and south of the site for possible future access / road improvements. The slip road to the A31 was also surveyed.

Key details

Project name
Lynes Farm, Ringwood

Taylor Wimpey


Services provided

  • Topographical survey


The survey was required as soon as possible so we deployed several surveyors to gather the data and collaborate to reduce the on-site work time to a minimum. Road surveys can often prove challenging and so traffic management was implemented to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Ringwood survey - project image (2).JPG


Large topographical work always requires a primary control traverse so this was established first with additional work always linking to this to ensure the accuracy of the survey. Leica GPS and Total stations were used to gather the data and processing in the office was completed in our LSS software.

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