Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant

Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant is a 60MW Energy from Waste generating station providing electrical power to the grid and steam Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners' (CIP) chemical processes. Taking the project from pre-planning to construction, we supported CIP in carrying out EIA planning application, contract negotiations, discharge of planning conditions and subsequent build out. 

Key details

Project name
Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant


Tata Chemicals Europe Ltd, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP)


Lostock Gralam, Cheshire

Services provided

  • Planning
  • Geo-environmental ground investigation
  • EIA
  • Remedial design and veritifcation
  • Waste and materials management
  • Permitting
  • Regulatory liaison
  • Working platform design
  • Desk top study


We were asked to advise on the consenting strategy to deliver a 60MW Energy from Waste generating station on land at Lostock Works. We advised EoN and Tata Chemicals on the best way of securing a new power station to replace the existing, but now redundant, coal fired power station at Tata’s existing chemical works

The decision-making process was a complex one involving Section 36 of the Electricity Act. Unfortunately, the Local Planning Authority raised an in-principle objection which caused a Public Inquiry to be held.

For the ground investigation works, the programme was highly challenging and created significant logistical problems. The site has a long industrial heritage of being used as a chemical works from the turn of the century, leading to contamination across the site.


Lostock sustainble energy plant ground investigation works


We acted as planning consultant and lead EIA consultant for the client team, providing all topic authors for the ES. We represented the project at all meetings with the local planning authorities and key stakeholders.

We provided expert planning witnesses to give evidence at public inquiry, leading to consent being granted for the proposal.

We continue to work on the project to discharge conditions and, most recently, we have submitted a variation application under Section 36C of the Electricity Act to amend the consent to upgrade the power output. We are also working on smaller standalone applications currently being submitted to support the wider development, as well as various on-site surveys as part of the enabling works.

Ground investigation works included detailed desk-based appraisals and ground investigations, allowing a cost-effective and remedial approach. We provided detailed appraisals and advice on materials management and opportunities to divert materials from landfill.

We implemented bespoke assessment approaches to allow early discharge of planning conditions. The developed remedial approaches were designed to align and compliment the proposed development proposals, minimising the remedial costs and associated programme implementations. Detailed appraisals were undertaken to seek to divert materials from landfill. 

Project statistics

600,000 tonnes
per annum of refuse
60 MW
capacity to deliver 60 megawatts of electricity

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