Logistics Warehouse Environmental Due Diligence

Our client decided to bring a logistics warehouse to market, which was constructed in the early 2000s and had an industrial history. Before the client could list the site for sale, they asked our environmental due diligence team for support in identifying any environmental risk factors that could impact the value of the land or property.

Key details

Project name

Logistics Warehouse





Leeds, UK


Services provided:

- Environmental due diligence


The client advised us from the outset that the works needed to be completed within a set timeframe in order to place the site on the market as quickly as possible.

After an initial review of background information, we identified a number of potential environmental risks. These were due to historical practices including quarrying and subsequent landfilling, coal mining and associated railway sidings, works, and waste transfer facilities.

Distribution and logistics centre aerial view


We undertook an extensive planning review and consultations with the Local Authority Environmental Health Officer, Planning Department, Environment Agency and Coal Authority.

By carrying out a data room review, we obtained and reviewed the ground investigation and remediation documentation completed upon redevelopment of the site in the early 2000s. This included a review of a Phase 1 report completed prior to part of the site’s redevelopment, ten Site Investigation reports, a Letter Report on ground gas monitoring, a Remediation Audit Report and a Coal Authority report.

Our site inspection helped us identify any remaining environmental risks from historical and current on-site operations. Following the data assessment and site inspection stage, we presented the client with a red flag summary on the site.

By ensuring all lines of enquiry were undertaken, obtaining and assessing historical reports, and completing a follow up inspection, we informed the prospective purchaser of the step-by-step process used to investigate the site.

Despite its challenging industrial history, we proved the site was made fit for its current use and addressed any potential liabilities, enabling us to assist in successfully facilitating a smooth sale.

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