Industrial Container Company

RPS was retained by a private equity firm to evaluate a platform acquisition of a plastic and metal container manufacturer, which operated more than 20 facilities across the US. The RPS due diligence evaluation included a review of known and potential environmental impact matters, environmental compliance, and health and safety regulations at the Company’s facilities as well as a review of legacy environmental liabilities. 

The following year, RPS was retained to conduct due diligence of a potential add-on acquisition. The target company reconditioned and manufactured plastic, fiber and metal industrial containers in more than 80 facilities worldwide. RPS again reviewed existing environmental reports and documentation and mobilized site visits to high risk facilities in North America, South America, and Europe within a week of engagement. RPS was able to complete a complete evaluation of the target to provide our client with findings related to current and historical facilities within 30 days of engagement. RPS has continued to provide ongoing environmental support to the private equity sponsor as they continue to grow platform business. Most recently, RPS provided similar due diligence support on an add-on acquisition, which included more than 30 facilities across the US and Canada.

Key details

Project Name

Global Industrial Container Company Due Diligence Engagement


Private Equity


  • Industrial


  • Global

Services provided

  • Due diligence
  • Compliance
  • Cost to cure


After a review of existing environmental reports and documentation, RPS conducted site visits at a number of high risk facilities to ground truth existing reports and evaluate the Company’s adherence to environmental compliance and health and safety regulations.

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RPS provided cost to cure estimates for known and potential environmental liabilities, which allowed the client to seek adequate contractual protections from the seller. 

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