Icon Group cancer centre network analysis

RPS has partnered with leading Australian cancer care provider Icon Group to analyse the demand for cancer treatment infrastructure and prioritise health investment.


Following research by RPS that revealed that one in ten Australian cancer sufferers are struggling to access vital radiation treatments, we've been working with Icon Group to complete demand assessments in New South Wales and Victoria.

Completed in 2016, our initial nationwide analysis showed that Australia needs radiation therapy capacity to treat an additional 10,000 patients per year, which is projected to reach 50,000 patients per year in 2031 without additional investment in linear accelerators (known as 'linacs') that are used in cancer therapy.

Since then, the team has been working with Icon to interrogate local data and model the demand for cancer treatment infrastructure in communities across New South Wales and Victoria. Armed with reliable data from RPS, Icon Group is developing life-saving cancer facilities that bring treatment closer to the people who need it in rural and suburban Australia.

LINAC machine (Linear particle accelerator)

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