Harrow Lane Playing Fields, East Sussex

We were commissioned by Ilke Homes to deliver a Mineral Infrastructure Assessment (MIA) required by the mineral planners at East Sussex County Council.

Our client had outline planning permission to develop residential homes on the site. Whilst finalising their submissions to planning authority in relation to reserved matters, the planning authority raised the need for a multidisciplinary MIA.


Key details

Project name

Harrow Lane



Ilke Homes


East Sussex


Services provided

- Mineral Infrastructure Assessment:

  • Air quality assessment
  • Acoustic assessment
  • Light assessment
  • Transport assessment


The request for a MIA came very late into the planning process and reflects a recent change in the interpretation of planning and mineral policy. Prior to this project, there was no precedent for delivering MIAs in the East Sussex mineral planning authority area, so we had to develop an approach for delivering this multidisciplinary assessment. Our method had to meet existing planning timelines without excessive cost, whilst meeting the reasonable concerns of the regulatory authority and managing potential risk to future homeowners.


Playing fields pre-development


Given the time constraints on development, we developed a pragmatic staged approach to manage this significant and complex risk. We firstly identified technical areas that may have represented a material risk to the development based on a high-level scoping assessment. We are currently progressing with targeted site-specific assessments, and based on the results we will determine the need and scope of mitigation measures.


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