Fortitude Valley State Secondary College

RPS landscape architects have shaped the design of external learning and recreation spaces at Fortitude Valley State Secondary College in Brisbane’s inner north.


Developed in response to a projected explosion in inner-city enrolments, Fortitude Valley State Secondary College will be the first school to open in inner Brisbane in more than 50 years.

Constrained by a small site that is flanked by high-density commercial and housing uses along with key urban rail and road corridors, land-use efficiency has been a guiding principle on the school’s design.

Fortitude Valley State Secondary College_Landscape Architecture


Drawing on their experience delivering a wide range of award-winning education, health and leisure precincts across Brisbane, our landscape architects were chosen to complete concept masterplanning and stage one schematic design that would connect zones across this new ‘vertical school’.

During completion of stage one documentation and construction, the design team remained involved by providing technical advisory reviews of the construction team’s documentation.

With a vision for the college to “…not only physically build upwards [but] build connections outwards in to the community,” our team’s design has focused on providing consistency and connection across the multi-level structures while creating a welcoming and unique centre that facilitates great learning experiences for students and teachers.

Key features of the design include outdoor learning terraces within the open space and a rooftop communal garden area. The landscape will provide consistency within the vertical structure connecting each level, ensuring that all students have access to unique learning and breakout spaces.



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