National Metal Part Manufacturer

The manufacturer now operates from more than 25 facilities across the US. RPS’s relationship began with the company being acquired by a longtime RPS PE fund client in the mid-2000s; post-close, RPS worked with the company on behalf of the PE client to address environmental issues that were identified in the buy-side diligence. Since then, the relationship with the manufacturer has included RPS conducting all of their acquisition environmental due diligence (the company’s primary growth strategy) and associated corrective action including investigation and remediation, compliance assistance, and health and safety improvements. 

Key Details

Project Name

National Metal Part Manufacturer


Nationwide manufacturer of machined metal parts/components


  • Industrial


  • Various sites throughout the US

Services Provided

  • Due diligence
  • Corrective action
  • Investigative and remediation
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Health and Safety improvements


Correct issues identified in post close sell side Due Diligence.  RPS has also supported the company through three sales to other PE firms.


RPS’ institutional knowledge of the company and extensive history of RPS’s environmental reports ensured that for each sale environmental was a non-factor at the negotiating table and the same EHS support system was in place for the new equity owner.  

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