Due Diligence Project

RPS was engaged by a Client to assist in stock acquisition of an asphalt paving contractor with office and terminal operations in neighboring Delaware cities. RPS provided Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Limited Environmental Compliance review, Limited Health and Safety review, and Correction of Environmental Compliance deficiencies including:

  • AST registration
  • Wastewater evaluation
  • Preparation of a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures plan (SPCC)
  • Air emissions review
  • Stormwater permitting 
  • Preparation of an Asbestos Operations& Maintenance plan (O&M)

RPS addressed the regulatory compliance issues identified in our initial Limited Environmental Compliance Review (LECR) and Limited Health & Safety Review (LHSR) by assembling a team of experts who would focus on each aspect.

Key Details

Project Name





  • Industrial
  • Wastewater
  • Flooding and drainage


  • Delaware, USA

Services Provided

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment 
  • Limited Environmental Compliance Review 
  • Limited Health and Safety Review 
  • Correction of multiple Environmental Compliance deficiencies


Management did not have a formal environmental management plan and was largely unaware of any environmental regulatory compliance.

Waste Water 1 (NAM).jpg


RPS worked with the management team to address these outstanding issues with the appropriate Local, State, and Federal Agencies. 

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