Delivering analytical services to support occupational health consultancy

Our client provides occupational health services and works to exacting deadlines and quality standards and they expect the same level of commitment and standards of delivery from their suppliers. They require logistics support in relation to transporting samples, fast turnaround of results, a flagging system to highlight high level results, and multiple options on turnaround times for various suites of pathology and biological analyses. 


The use of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing of specialists fuels, including organo lead during work processes, means that companies are required by law to comply with current legislative guidance, including the Lead at Work Act 2002.

Complying with guidance in relation to health surveillance means our client can quickly identify potential health risks to employees and contractors on site and allow them to take swift action to avoid litigation.

RPS delivers laboratory analysis services where communication, adaptability and meeting agreed service levels are paramount.


We meet regularly with our client to Identify and prioritise their key areas of importance. Their priorities include structured collection dates and times; it is important that the laboratory works around their shift patterns, which maximises the available time for our client to hold clinics, but also ensures our ability to deliver results to agreed deadlines isn’t compromised. We use our internal collection and delivery van to provide this service. 

As part of our contract we modified our software programme to automatically flag high level results. This supports our client with their fast track action plan for employees with elevated results – thus providing a greater level of protection for employees and reducing litigation risk. This in turn provides our clients with an above industry standard delivery service which gives them the competitive edge.


Services provided to all employees include:

  • Annual testing of urine and blood for lead
  • Routine 5 weekly urine lead and increased blood lead for workers working in areas designated as high-level lead working areas
  • All employees have an annual Biochemistry suite of analyses

There are 537 core contract employees and they are categorised into 4 areas:

  • Non-chemical staff (admin) – 182
  • Chemical – lead 135
  • Chemical non-lead – 122
  • Chemical lead contractor 98

In addition to the core employees, we also provide services to the following employees and contractors:

  • New starters preplacement screening for lead workers
  • Additional contractors coming to site who also require blood and urine lead analysis
  • Drug & Alcohol evidential screening

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