ComplianceMap Accelerates Environmental Management Plan

RPS assisted a temporary modular space client in writing and implementing a company Environment Management Plan (EMP). The client’s goals included understanding Environmental and Health & Safety (EHS) performance and how the EMP would be implemented across its locations. The client required an efficient and consistent process for managing their compliance data across 94 sites.

Key Details

Project name

Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Environmental Questionnaire using ComplianceMap



Temporary modular space company



94 site locations across the United States

Services Provided

Built company-specific Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and environmental questionnaire for company-wide evaluation.


The client did not have any established environmental compliance program. All their nationwide sites were managing EHS individually with no central monitoring or guidance in place. With so many locations, it was likely going to be a time consuming and expensive undertaking to identify issues across the country and implement a new environmental program quickly.


RPS worked with client corporate leaders to create an umbrella Environmental Management Plan that could apply to all locations. To save time and money, RPS imported a comprehensive site environmental questionnaire into ComplianceMap to capture EHS data and identify potential deficiencies.

Individual site leaders would be able to answer questions about their sites from a computer, tablet, or smart phone as soon as the form went live. Users were able to upload pictures, documents, or any other media easily to the form. A trial run was conducted at 10 sites and then rolled out to the remaining 84 sites. 



Using ComplianceMap forms allowed the project to be completed much faster than traditional on-site visits, saving significant time and cost. The questionnaire roll-out was completed in 4 months, as opposed to the 12-month estimate if site visits were required. Client corporate leaders were able to immediately run reports on answers and identify problem compliance areas to focus on. Following the questionnaire roll-out, individual site users were trained on system operation, and were notified about corrective actions to complete at their facility. The client is currently in the process of addressing all issues flagged during the surveys, and bringing compliance performance up to the acceptable level detailed in the EMP.



months to write EMP and develop questionnaire

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