Compliance Oversight

RPS provides environmental and engineering compliance support for over 20 bakery facilities located throughout the U.S.  The company is the largest national contract baker and has designated site representatives that are tasked with completing various environmental tasks, in concert with RPS, providing technical assistance with reporting, permitting, training, regulatory inquiries, and completion of various environmental projects.

RPS continues the work

RPS participates in acquisition of new plants, of which there have been 11 during our 10 year working relationship. RPS performs real estate and compliance due diligence pre-acquisition, then prepares a plan for required permitting and environmental upgrades to the facility. Post-acquisition, the facility is registered in the computer compliance system and training for the new managers is performed as required until they are performing at the expected environmental compliance level. 

RPS makes it easy

RPS worked with the client to develop an electronic compliance system, using SharePoint, to prompt facility reps to complete required tasks and compile plans and permits, allowing forms to be available for each site rep. All forms are uploaded and made available for each site rep, complete with permit tracker alerting and prompting, when various permits, plan updates, and periodic certifications are due.  RPS continues to perform periodic facility checks, reviewing task completion status, providing guidance on wastewater loading reductions, and answering any regulatory questions from the client.

Key Details

Project Name

Compliance Oversight


National Contract Bakery


  • Industrial
  • Water management
  • Wastewater


  • Various National Locations, USA

Services Provided

  • Multi Media compliance services


Training facility site reps, with varying degrees of technical and environmental knowledge are required to complete tasks on time and provide documentation indicating compliance. Plans and permits are continually updated, a process requiring a seamless team effort between RPS and the client.



RPS continues to work with facilities to reduce surcharges and help maintain permitting compliance.

We enabled sustainable compliance by:

  • Leading environmental diligence at 11 new acquisitions
  • Reducing WW surcharges on average by 30% with engineering and operational changes
  • Instituting ISO 14001 style Environmental Management Plan at the corporate level

Project Statistics

Project Statistics
air permits
wastewater permits
stormwater permits
new acquisitions as the environmental diligence lead
WW reduction surcharges by implementing engineering and operational changes
ISO 14001
style Environmental Management Plan instituted at the corporate level

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