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Experience in providing similar services for the city of New Braunfels and other agencies, and success performing services. 

The RPS urban trail team prepared the cost estimates, permit documents, and provided Field Engineering for the construction of over 6,100 square feet of ADA compliant sidewalk and 16,000 square feet of terracotta bike pavement. In coordination with the City of Austin Urban Trails Group and the City of Austin Active Transportation Division, RPS created standards for trail illumination design that included 20 light pole foundations/fixtures and over 2,250 linear feet of conduit. The project team worked directly with the contractor and provided field engineering adjustments to ensure ADA compliant implementation of the layout. Under the RPS team guidance, our structural and geotechnical subconsultants designed retaining wall elements to withstand periodic flooding. We also worked with the City of Austin Parks Department for the design and landscaping of four water quality rain gardens. 


Key Details

Construction Cost:


Date Completed: 


Project Role:


Tasks Assigned to RPS:

  • Field engineering trail
  • Sidewalk
  • Retaining wall
  • Lighting
  • Drainage and refuge islands 


Numerous mature oak trees were located along the trail route.  For areas where the project encroached on the critical root zone of trees, RPS designed diamond patterned pier supports to keep the trail above the top of the roots. This root bridging design was shared with other engineers working on similar urban trails as a go-by for the design and construction of a cost-effective series of piers and reinforcement to relieve pressure on the root system of nearby trees.

The City of Austin wanted to add illumination to the project route.  RPS designed and permitted lighting standards that aligned with the maintenance department's requests for future fixture repair/replacement options.  Our team also coordinated the connection of the system to the Austin Energy areas along the project route.

Boggy Creek Trail

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The trail included sections of retaining wall necessary to provide an ADA compliant route.  The RPS team sampled soil data, provided an analysis of the structural support of the soil and retaining walls and designed walls that were certified for resisting the forces of waters within the 100-year floodplain. 

The trail included both a shared use path and pedestrian route, parallel to each other.  To differentiate the two, the design included a terracotta section with saw cut joints for bicyclists and a typical grey concrete section for pedestrians.  The saw cut joints were designed to control cracking and provide a smoother riding surface for bicyclist and those in wheelchairs.  

Relevant Features

  • Tree root bridging design 
  • Flood analysis for retaining wall stability 
  • Trail lighting design 
  • Enhance water quality with rain gardens 
  • Unique design to differentiate pedestrian paths from bicyclists 

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