Our project management team is proud to be supporting the health and wellbeing of Victoria’s police and protective service officers (PSOs) through the delivery of landmark mental health program, BlueHub.

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The high-pressure nature of police and protective services work can have a direct impact on their mental health. Evidence suggests that the stress and trauma exposure from these roles can have detrimental effects on mental health, including high suicide rates.

BlueHub, a Victorian based program and first of its type in Australia, is being established by The Police Association Victoria (TPAV) to provide best practice mental health treatment and support officers through difficult times. Dealing with such a sensitive topic means that the structure and governance of the BlueHub program have been carefully considered and monitored.

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In 2019, our Melbourne project management team was engaged by TPAV to provide project management support for BlueHub. Since then, our role has been to provide governance support and work with TPAV to establish a structure for the program that will be delivered with $2.5 million in Federal Government funding. 

Developing the concept treatment model, program implementation plan and procurement of a service provider, our team has worked closely with TPAV and mental health professionals who specialise in post-traumatic stress. To begin with, the BlueHub program will support officers by delivering mental health treatment from five medical centres. These are scheduled to begin operations in mid-2020.

Each medical centre is based within an existing mental health facility with doctors specifically trained to support police and PSOs. Another support function of the program is an 1800 helpline set up specifically for police and PSOs facing mental health issues.

BlueHub is a Commonwealth funded program granted to TPAV on behalf of The Police Federation of Australia in partnership with Victoria Police and the Australian Federal Police. The partnership and support of these bodies has been fundamental to the program’s success to date. With positive health and wellbeing impacts measured through BlueHub, it has the ability to be rolled out nationwide for all police officers.

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