Artillery Systems Programme (Arty Sys)

RPS has provided safety and environmental support in accordance with Ministry of Defence (MOD) policies to Artillery Systems Programme (Arty Sys), covering four programme areas. 

The contract included annual updates of Safety and Environmental Management Plans, Environmental Impact Screening and Scoping Studies, Safety and Environmental Case Reports and Hazard Logs with twenty-six document sets to update per annum. The project also included facilitating Safety workshops and Safety Panel Meetings and carrying out updates in accordance with the outcomes.

Key details

Project name
Artillery Systems Programme (Arty Sys)

Ministry of Defence


Services provided

  • Safety and environmental management support
  • Safety and environmental management plans
  • Safety case reports
  • Environmental impact screening and scoping studies
  • Environmental case reports and hazard logs
  • Facilitation of safety workshops and safety panel meetings


Under a 3+1 year contract, the challenge was to demonstrate continuity, functional safety and environmental support to the four separate Artillery Systems programme areas, including Towed Artillery; Surveillance Target Acquisition; Rockets and Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence (C4i).

RPS undertook the production, reviews and updates of over 26 Safety and Environmental document sets per year, conducted in accordance with MoD Safety and Environmental policies and procedures to DSA01.1, DSA02.DLR.LSSR and DSA03.DLR.LSSR, and ASESM, POSMS and POEMS with their Management Procedure outputs.

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Using dedicated and committed teams, the solution was to implement the MoD polices, which included the development of an overall Safety and Environmental Management System and for each programme area, the production of SEM Plans, Hazard Logs, Legislation and Standards Registers with compliance measures, and Safety and Environmental Case Reports to POSMS and POEMS against the equipment’s in-service and disposal lifecycle activities. The project also included facilitating working group and panel meetings, incorporating safety and environmental legislation and hazard identification, analysis and management, and management reviews with attendance at Safety & Environmental Management Committee (SEMC) meetings.

The work undertaken here has allowed Arty Sys to be able to take the work in-house, following efficiencies that RPS have made to safety management processes over time.

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