Port Angeles Salmon Aquaculture Biological Evaluation

RPS prepared a Biological Evaluation for the relocation of an existing Atlantic salmon marine aquaculture operation from within Port Angeles Harbor to a new site east of the harbor. Our marine biologists reviewed each species’ conservation status, distribution and habitat use, and threats and occurrence within the project action area, relative abundance, effect on prey, and the degree of potential effects. This work fulfilled Washington state permit requirements.

Key Details

Project Name

American Gold Seafoods Marine Net Pen Relocation Project: Port Angeles-East Biological Evaluation



American Gold Seafoods 



  • Port Angeles Harbor 

Services Provided

  • NEPA support 
  • Permitting and compliance 
  • Marine biology 
  • Environmental impact assessment 
  • Literature review and desktop analysis


The potential construction and operation effects of moving an existing salmon aquaculture net pen RPS analyzed were:  

  • seafloor disturbance and artificial habitat created by anchors and mooring lines;  
  • increased noise from vessel traffic;  
  • accidental hydrocarbon spills;  
  • marine mammal interactions with net pen equipment and vessel strikes;  
  • nutrient loading to the benthic environment from fish farm effluent, affecting water quality;  
  • antibiotic use on the microbial community;  
  • disease and parasite transfer between farmed and wild fish; and 
  • accidental release of farmed fish into the natural environment. 
Port Angeles 1 (NAM).jpg


RPS provided the following: 

  • comprehensive summary of the benthic, pelagic, and shoreline habitats; 
  • a description of the threatened and endangered species and critical habitats;
  • an effects analysis of the potential impacts of net pen construction and operation on species and habitats in the project area; and  
  • a discussion of proposed mitigation measures. 

This work supported the Washington State Joint Aquatic Resource Permit Application process for the client.

Port Angeles 2 (NAM).jpg
marine/anadromous fish species reviewed
benthic invertebrate reviewed
bird species reviewed
marine mammal species reviewed

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