The Barriers and Enablers to Nature-based Solutions

Nature-based solutions (NbS) harness the power of nature to deliver affordable and scalable action in the fight against climate change. But how easy is it to balance biodiversity, conservation, development and growth? Are we set up to utilise NbS to get the much-needed benefits they offer?  

We brought together four technical specialists from different specialisms to discuss the barriers and enablers to nature-based solutions and share some of their expertise on this important conversation. 

In this video series, we're sharing snippets from the conversation in easy to digest videos you can watch at a time to suit you. If you don't want to wait for the next installment, you can register to watch the full conversation below. 

Monetising nature-based solutions

In our latest snippet, our technical experts look at what needs to be done to attract investors to nature-based solutions. 

How can nature-based solutions help me?

Nature-based solutions can help corporates, land owners and developers achieve their sustainability targets. Our multi-disciplinary team brings together ecologists, landscape architects, carbon assessors, hydrologists and sustainability experts to deliver holistic nature-based solutions that benefit business, society and biodiversity. 

If you have areas of seemingly unproductive or under-productive land, nature-based solutions may provide a route to unlocking additional environmental and commercial value. 

Nature-based solutions may enable you to un-freeze development opportunities, offset carbon and create amenity value that improves the likelihood of local authority buy-in.

Following the GHG Hierarchy, we identify where emissions can be eliminated, avoided, reduced, or substituted and when all other options have been considered, we can advise on nature-based solutions to offset unavoidable emissions.

Watch the full discussion on demand

When you bring four leading minds together to discuss a topic they are all equally passionate about, you get a discussion packed full of insight and interesting perspectives. Which is why, we have made the full recording available for you to watch on demand at a time and a place to suit you. 

Topics covered: 

  • What role do NbS play in the fight against climate change?
  • Are there any knowledge gaps around NbS?
  • Is there an increase in demand for NbS? 
  • What role do consultants play in the uptake of NbS? 
  • How do we create a framework to establish NbS in the market?
  • How is policy evolving around nature-based solutions?
  • How do developers tackle conflicting priorities and maximise their developments potential?
  • How do we monetise NbS?
  • How do you expect an increase in investment in NbS will impact the development market?
  • What role does the public sector play in the role out of nature-based solutions?

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More snippets

The role of Consultants... the uptake of nature-based solutions

As the market evolves, the absence of a tried and tested approach for nature-based solutions can present challenges for those looking to utilise them in their projects. 

This is where consultants can add real value for clients by advocating for nature-based solutions to show what's possible and facilitating their delivery. 

Where are the knowledge gaps...

... around nature-based solutions?

As the NbS market evolves, experience and expertise in project delivery are growing. But there are still some areas where gaps in knowledge need to be filled before nature-based solutions can really take off. 

In our next snippet, our experts discuss the gaps around theoretical knowledge, how we benchmark and measure progress and the changes needed to help drive much needed investment in this vital market. 

Knowledge gaps around NbS.png

How is policy changing?

In the wake of Brexit, we find ourselves in a period of transition and policy surrounding nature-based solutions is no exception. 

There is a great deal of unpicking to be done as we untangle complex policies and determine new paths forward but this doesn't help in the here and now. 

In this snippet, our leading minds look at how policy is evolving and the impact its having on the delivery of nature-based solutions and the development schemes themselves. 


How an investment model can help prioritise nature-based solutions

In our latest snippet, our technical experts turn their attention to the delivery of nature-based solutions and look at how an investment model could impact the delivery of these vital solutions.

As the number of businesses and developers looking to include NbS in their project plans continues to grow, the key to their delivery is matching this demand with financial investment. 

But, how do we establish an investment model that ensures NbS are attractive to investors? 

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