How to overcome biodiversity net gain challenges

Our Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) experience has highlighted a number of issues and pitfalls that can pose a real threat to BNG success.

With the policy now becoming mandatory in England, Mike Barker, Director of Ecology, has put together a series of short video blogs to address some of the complexities that may arise when applying BNG on site. 

The importance of knowing your site's ecological value

How valuable is your site? How many habitat credits are you working with?

Without these details, you cant begin to apply BNG to your project. 

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Brownfield and wetter sites - How many credits do you have?

BNG success starts with a clear understanding of what habitat credits you have on site. 

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BNG and Masterplanning

What is the true cost of your habitat credits? 

Why its important to build your BNG requirements into your development plans.


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Habit credits - When offsite is the only solution

Onsite Biodiversity Net Gain solutions are always best practice but what can you do when this isn’t an option?
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Free CPD webinars to get you ready

BNG is a complex matter and, at first glance, can seem daunting. To help get you and your team ready ahead of its official mandate later this year, we can provide an informative CPD webinar covering everything you and your team need to know about BNG and its mechanisms for delivery.

To find out more about our online webinar, request a call back using the form below.


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