Committed to working collaboratively to drive down leakage

22 Oct 2019

The technology used in our approach to leakage detection and reporting is forever changing due to improvements in data quality and data availability, in technology and the increasing demands to reduce leakage on the water networks – OFWAT expects all water companies to reduce leakage by 15% over the next regulatory period between 2020- 2025.

As part of our commitment to work collaboratively with our clients to achieve positive outcomes and ultimately improve leakage reporting, RPS held its seventh annual Waternet[1] Leakage Software User day, last week.

Hosted at the RAF museum in London, the event welcomed clients from water companies across the UK, discussing key topics including how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can be integrated into the Waternet platform to drive down leakage.

In the near future, AI will enable the vast amounts of incoming data to be reviewed in real time, reducing the run time of leaks and adding efficiency to the Active Leakage Control (ALC) targeting model. Machine Learning will be used to predict consumption and night use, establish dynamic DMA alarm levels, separating out the seasonal variants from the complex leakage calculation.

Further to the conversations about AI, the day’s agenda entailed proactively helping our clients to use Waternet in a proficient manner and to its full potential by introducing newly developed features including Abstraction, Water Balance and MLE modules. The day was also used as an opportunity to understand how the reporting platform can be developed further to support future client and regulatory requirements.

Efficient leakage reduction reporting helps to predict and prevent leakage on our water networks. This event provided our clients with an in-depth understanding of the robust and accurate Waternet reporting platform and the new modules designed specifically to facilitate leakage reduction over the next regulatory period.

Bob Bragg, Technical Director, commented, “The challenging targets agreed with the regulators for the next AMP period will require the water companies and all parties within the supply chain to do their bit in reducing water losses and unaccounted for water. Systems that can marshal the data and provide meaningful information reports will be at the heart of this activity. Our Waternet platform is such a system, designed by experienced network professionals and constantly evolving to keep ahead of best practice and technology developments.”


[1] Waternet is a spatial asset management reporting and analysis tool used for the regulatory reporting of leakage, water balance and the management of network assets. It makes complex easy by integrating disparate datasets, validating the data, then analysing and generating the Management Information needed to deliver more leakage reduction in an ever more efficient manner.


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