Creating debate on how to address future Flooding and Pollution challenges

18 Oct 2019

Water companies have challenging common performance commitments for reduction in pollution incidents and internal flooding within AMP7. This will require a significant shift change in focus to achieve successfully and to continue that improvement beyond 2025.

To address these challenges, RPS welcomed Wastewater Managers from water companies across the UK and Ireland to it’s 3rd annual Wastewater Asset Management Day this week.


With an emphasis on the RPS Strategy to Operations philosophy of Monitor, Analyse, Predict, Prevent (MAPP), the event focused on next-generation drainage and wastewater management planning tools and solutions, with afternoon breakout sessions inspiring discussions on how to develop innovative solutions to meet wastewater pollution and flooding objectives.

Presentations by discipline leads from RPS as well as external experts from The University of Sheffield and Yorkshire Water covered subjects including Pipebots, Machine Learning, big data analytics and customer interaction. Furthermore, these subjects focused attention onto three key questions which were the subject of the breakout sessions in the afternoon.

These three sessions allowed groups to discuss:

  • How we build towards a smart network taking into account robotics, IOT and Sensors supported by Machine Learning and analytics,
  • How we effectively engage with customers to enable them to play an active role in catchment decision making
  • How we drive towards zero flooding and pollution incidents in the future.

Steve Hogg, Wastewater Consultancy Director commented “This has been a successful and well-received event for the last three years, with this year been no different. This year’s event has given us the opportunity to showcase our Monitor, Analyse, Predictt and Prevent (MAPP) approach to our clients. It has enabled us to further understand the complex challenges that they face in achieving performance commitments for flooding and pollution in the next regulatory period.”

For more information about how we can help you performance commitments for flooding and pollution, please contact Steve Hogg, Water Consultancy Director. T:01332 387 650



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