Sparking curiosity in the next generation of water engineers

22 Mar 2019

As part of British Science Week and in support of World Water Day, RPS water engineers David Gordon and Owen Carey went back to the classroom, visiting with students from two local primary schools to teach them about the wastewater cycle.  

David and Owen both work in the Derby office for the water consultancy team and wanted to take some time to speak to students in the hope of peaking the interests of the next generation of water engineers - to help bridge the skills gap within the future water industry.

They spent time with students exploring the world of civil engineering to understand the world beneath their feet - explaining some of the flooding problems around the UK that we investigate and solve for our clients.

Students particularly enjoyed learning about poo! We shared a video of the Thames Tideway Project – at £5bn it’s the biggest civil infrastructure project currently being undertaken in the UK. 

But the best part, students were invited to design and build a boat made of plasticine to carry marbles. The exercise was designed specifically to encourage students to think smarter to deliver a robust design - the key to all great civil engineering projects.

Great fun was had by all with one pupil commenting “I thoroughly enjoyed learning about civil engineering and I hope RPS come again."


For further information contact: David Gordon


Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

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