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25 Nov 2020

RPS recently sponsored the CIWEM Urban Drainage Group (UDG) Annual Conference. Each year, it attracts skilled delegates in the Wastewater industry and provides a valuable platform for professionals to share key industry learning.

This year, RPS were invited to present two papers at the conference. The first paper was presented by David Gordon, Technical Director, RPS in collaboration with Richard Dannatt, Intertek. The paper focussed on lessons learned from a large-scale Water Framework Directive (WFD) programme. This research provided a detailed insight into water quality studies – previously not been available before.

The project presented at the conference explained about the water quality programme undertaken for Severn Trent Water (STW). During the delivery of it, RPS and Intertek took numerous model upgrades, asset surveys, flow surveys and quality monitoring across 32 river reaches.

The second paper, titled “Embracing Ruby - Bridging the gap to the automated tomorrow” was presented by Jonathan Dowen.  Ruby is a programming language which extends the functionality and interactivity of InfoWorks ICM and InfoAsset. This is water industry standard software. Everyday budgets are becoming tighter, processes more complex and the data with it grows larger; the need to reach outcomes faster and more precisely remains ever important. Traditional approaches to problem solving are outdated and unable to keep up with these modern issues and expectations. During his presentation, Jonathan described how Ruby has been a continuously evolving feature of InfoWorks and InfoAsset for many years that has progressed into an incredibly powerful automation platform.

Both papers are available to read and download.

Lessons learned from a large-scale Water Framework Directive (WFD) programme 

Embracing Ruby - Bridging the gap to the automated tomorrow  

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