South East Water add Waternet to their arsenal of leakage analytic tools

02 Mar 2021

Last year water companies reduced the amount of water leaked from pipes by 7% to the lowest level since records began in the mid-1990s. The overall volume of water being leaked falling by 216 million litres per day – enough to fill 86 Olympic size swimming pools – to 2,954 million litres.


This focus on reducing leakage across the industry will continue as the UK Water companies have committed to triple the rate of sector-wide leakage reduction by 2030 - to achieve this, innovation will be essential to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

As an innovative measure to meet these new targets and reduce leakage, South East Water has chosen to complement their existing leakage software with RPS’ Waternet.

Waternet is a proven reporting and analysis digital solution, already used by numerous UK water companies to combat leakage. It quickly processes data captured from network assets, such as loggers, allowing timely deployment of leakage technicians to target leakage more effectively.

One of the key benefits of Waternet is the ability to integrate with other water management software. By seamlessly integrating it with South East Water’s current systems and hosting Waternet in the cloud, it provides much greater flexibility, allowing improved targeting of leakage as well as providing a tool for regulatory reporting.

Jim MacIntyre, South East Water’s Head of Leakage Operations commented, “We are looking forward to implementing the Waternet system in collaboration with RPS as part of our five year strategy to 2025 to further reduce leaks in a more innovative way whilst building a resilient future for our customers.”

South East Water will benefit from additional modules which calculate distribution input, abstraction and produce regulatory reports. Having all their data in one place provides them with greater insight into the total health of their infrastructure assets.

Jon Seager, Regional Director, RPS commented, ”We are really passionate about helping our clients to drive down leakage as efficiently as possible, not only to enable them to meet their regulatory requirements, but to help to ensure the long term sustainability of our water supplies. We are delighted to be providing systems that build on our leakage management expertise to South East Water over AMP7 and beyond.”



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