rx3 wins the Green Public Sector Award at the National Green Awards

25 Jul 2013

rx3: rethink, recycle, remake has recently won the Green Public Sector Awards at this year’s National Green Awards which took place at the Burlington Hotel, 18 April.
RPS manages ‘rx3’, a Department of the Environment, Community & Local Government (DECLG) programme. ‘rx3’ is designed to promote the development of new markets for waste resources similar to the ‘WRAP’ initiative in the UK.

‘rx3’ – Rethink, Recycle, Remake when set up in 2008 fundamentally refocused our national waste management approach towards ‘resource efficiency. To encourage prevention, reuse and recycle a new front end ‘Rethink’ was introduced to embed resource conservation principles and a new back end ‘Remake’ to show that recycling had not been achieved until a new product was made from the waste material.

Over the past 5 years ‘rx3’ has grown in national stature with major stakeholders in the waste and material resource area – NCAD in industrial design, Science Gallery in exhibiting ‘Trash to Cash’ and has assisted many start-up companies in the household and agricultural sectors.

‘rx3’ has also developed and obtained NSAI accreditation for a new national compost standard and we are currently conducting compost trials in partnership with agricultural research institutes.

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