RPS wins five year analytical services contract with United Utilities

28 Feb 2020

You may well ask how clean our rivers are. Well our UK laboratories business is busy examining just that, following a very successful Chemicals Investigation Programme (CIP2), United Utilities has extended its project to cover groundwater, estuaries and coastal waters. This third phase (CIP3) will focus on analysing chemicals that exceed the Water Framework Directive environmental quality standards, and will study new and existing wastewater treatment approaches.

Through a schedule of catchment-based investigations, the program will pinpoint potential sources and trends, and build on the existing database of emerging contaminants to monitor.


Our UK laboratories business has extended its existing relationship with United Utilities, who supply drinking water and wastewater services to 8 million customers every day. The further contract is for a five-year term to provide a range of analytical services for the CIP3 phase. Our results will help inform the water industry’s National Environment Programme guiding the future of wastewater treatment and catchment management.

To learn more about the innovative work that our laboratories undertake, get in touch with Marco Lattughi; marco.lattughi@rpsgroup.com



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