RPS takes a step further towards greater connectivity

21 Mar 2019

RPS is working with Hitachi Solutions to replace multiple systems and processes with a single integrated technology solution.  The decision is central to our strategy of investing to accelerate growth by having a single, global, business platform that supports the diverse nature of our business and makes it easy to connect our deep expertise.

Replacing a host of different systems that came about through multiple acquisitions, the upgraded and modernised IT infrastructure will provide one platform and standardised processes which will be used by all users across six continents, underpinning our strategy to make complex easy and operate as ‘one RPS’.      

Based upon Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, plus the Hitachi Solutions Essentials for Professional Services accelerator, the solution will seamlessly connect our 5,600 professionals working across 125 countries.

On the importance of this programme to us, Gary Young, RPS Group Finance Director said: “Data, efficient processes, business systems and new technologies will play a critical role in our continuing success. The future for RPS is about being at the forefront of changing market trends, identifying growth opportunities and delivering complex solutions in a way that is easy to understand and implement. This investment in a new global enterprise resource planning platform will give us a stronger competitive edge in all the markets that we operate in.”

 “Having worked with Hitachi Solutions in Australia, we were impressed with the experience and commitment of their consultants. The appropriateness of the product, that Hitachi have done this before to the size and scale we need, and the culture fit make Hitachi a natural global partner for RPS. The Essentials for Professional Services Accelerator, and Hitachi’s pragmatism, complements RPS’ approach and desire to implement the solution as quickly and smoothly as possible.”



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay 


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