RPS surveys safe and sound offshore

16 Oct 2020

Working offshore can present a wide range of risks and challenges, but safety is paramount to everything we do at RPS.

While RPS Advisor Sara Owen is used to managing health and safety practices, procedures and compliance from dry land, when an opportunity to head offshore with our marine consultants came up, she jumped at the chance.

Accompanying the team on a 10-day survey expedition off the coast of Western Australia, Sara was able to witness how RPS marine specialists put safety at the centre of their work at sea.

The trip involved high risk activities like crane and winch operations and night survey work, so Sara had a great opportunity to test how the risk management processes she assists the team to develop are implemented.

RPS Regional HSSEQ Advisor, Sara Owen before on survey vessel before heading offshore

Sara Owen onboard the survey vessel before trip offshore with the RPS marine team.

‘Some of the work that we deliver is very specialised and often delivered in remote locations. This trip gave me an opportunity to see first-hand how offshore environmental surveys are delivered and improve my understanding of the technical aspects and risks involved,’ Sara explains.  

‘I strongly believe that getting out on site and learning what our people do is the best way for health and safety professionals to provide meaningful solutions, advice and process improvements. By getting involved you build better relationships and trust, too.

The safety statistics for the trip speak for themselves, with zero injuries or environmental incidents recorded over the ten-day expedition.

‘I was really impressed to see the team making safety the first thing they think about for every activity. RPS consultants were methodical in supervising and guiding everyone on board through each activity safely.

While keeping people safe is always a top priority, the wellbeing of marine species is just as important for RPS’ marine ecology team.

‘We encountered many types of marine fauna along the way including whales, dolphins and sea snakes. You could see how passionate our people are about gathering information while minimising disruption and ultimately protecting marine species.

‘Many people think that working in health and safety is a bit of a mundane job, but this trip proves otherwise! Not many people get the opportunity to work with people who are the absolute best in the business and get to witness the magic of humpback whales cruising within metres of the boat.’

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