RPS partners with social impact organisation Housing All Australians to address homelessness

30 Mar 2022

RPS has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with non-for-profit, Housing All Australians, that will see the two organisations collaborate to address homelessness and affordable housing and create a positive impact for Australia.


Housing All Australians (HAA) is a private sector initiative looking at housing and homelessness through a commercial lens. It is a collective of private sector individuals and corporates with a shared vision to make housing available to all Australians, rich or poor.

Together, HAA’s partners are using their commercial resources and corporate nous to address housing issues by:

  • Unlocking underutilised property assets for temporary housing
  • Driving new solutions for affordable housing stock, and
  • Advocating for more equitable access to housing nationwide based on sound business principles.

RPS Chief Executive Officer – Australia Asia Pacific, Meegan Sullivan, says decades of experience shaping positive outcomes for property project planning, commercials, design, and management makes RPS the perfect partner for Housing All Australians.

“Housing affordability and accessibility have been issues for a long time in Australia, and the COVID pandemic has only served to compound the economic, mental health, and other risk factors that create housing stress, and push individuals and families into homelessness,” Meegan said.

“While COVID has contributed to these problems, it’s also created some unique opportunities in our cities to help people through temporary housing in assets that aren’t operating at full capacity. It’s also strengthened our commitment within the private sector to contribute our ideas, resources, and expertise to long-term commercial solutions in the social and affordable housing space.

“RPS has the people, expertise, and relationships that can help with this work. We’re proud to join Housing All Australians’ team of property owners, developers, and other businesses who, like us, are committed to making a difference.”


RPS CEO - Australia Asia Pacific, Meegan Sullivan signs memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Housing All Australians' Robert Pradolin, and Louise Rutten

Commenting on the MOU, Housing All Australians founder, Robert Pradolin, said:

“We are so humbled that RPS has chosen to partner with Housing All Australians. They now join the growing list of like-minded corporates that share our values and vision around helping vulnerable Australians.

“It is through collaborations like this that the private sector is demonstrating that it does care about those less fortunate in our society, and by RPS providing their skills and services to HAA nationally, on a pro bono basis, it extends HAA’s resource base and national footprint.

“There is a true generosity of spirit in the private sector and RPS is leading by example. By working together with like-minded businesses, great things can happen. We look forward to working with RPS and their staff in making a significant impact across Australia,” Robert said.

Discover more about Housing All Australians work at www.housingallaustralians.org.au


Learn more about our work with HAA

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