RPS NL receives ‘The road to safety and sustainability’ quality label

18 Sep 2018

Employees become safer and more sustainable on the road

On Friday 31 August 2018, Maarten Wijnhoven, Director of Operations at RPS in The Netherlands, received the ‘Veilig en duurzaam op weg’  (‘The road to safety and sustainability’) quality label from Koos Spee, former national traffic officer at the Ministry of Justice. The company received the quality label for the hard work which is done to use electric vehicles and successfully implement its e-Driver programme.


RPS’s vehicle fleet includes several fully electric pool cars that are powered by electricity alone. However, driving in a safer and more sustainable manner is about more than just possessing innovative vehicles. For instance, RPS employees have also been able to use e-Driver since 2017.

E-driver is a proven programme that makes drivers more aware about traffic-related risks and how they can reduce fuel consumption. It also offers road users tips about the New Way of Driving, training courses, traffic (insight) tests and a road education programme.


The company’s investment is already paying dividends. For instance, RPS has reduced its CO2 emissions by 13% since the e-Driver was introduced. Average fuel consumption is also 25% lower than the average vehicle fleet. In addition, road users who were involved in the e-Driver programme are less likely to be involved in a road accident. Furthermore, cases of damage (types 1 to 3) decreased by over 40%.

Type 1: collision with personal injury

Type 2: collision without personal injury

Type 3: material damage over 1500 euros

CO2 performance ladder

RPS has decided to register its ‘sustainability performance’ using the CO2 performance ladder managed by the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement & Business (SKAO). The CO2 performance ladder is a useful tool for shaping initiatives aimed at sustainable enterprise. RPS is using the performance ladder to realise concrete results, like reducing the CO2 emissions of company cars, making more efficient use of materials and using sustainable energy.

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