RPS leakage innovation event - inspired by one of the 20th century’s greatest innovations

27 Sep 2019

Water companies have been set new 2020-2025 leakage targets by water industry regulators - where innovation will be essential to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

This week, RPS hosted one of a series of events which are designed to facilitate discussions around leakage innovation – from Strategy to Operations.

We set the scene, hosting the event around one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century –Concorde, located in a hangar at Manchester Airport. We welcomed Leakage Managers from water companies across the UK and Ireland, encouraging them to share best practice and discuss how to tackle the leakage challenges of today, and tomorrow.

Our agenda showcased the RPS approach to reducing water leakage - Prevent. Predict. Detect. This is key to reduce the ‘Life of a Leak’ - reducing the amount of water lost.

Overall, the day encouraged debate on strategy, design and optimisation of pressure management and mains renewal schemes - combining pipe condition assessment, economic appraisal, analytics and reporting and noise logging, to name but a few.

Mark Smith, Business Development Director RPS, commented, “We all have  responsibility to use water wisely and our aim was to bring water companies together to share their experiences in tackling their leakage challenges, and to generate ideas on how we might reduce leakage across our networks in future.”

We all have the same objective - to reduce leakage, encourage sustainability, reduce environmental impact, and above all to ensure the continuity of water supply in a resource-scarce, urbanising world. Sharing ideas and best practice is a positive way to achieve this.”


If you’d like more information on how RPS can help, please contact Mark Smith.



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