RPS launches virtual public consultation

13 May 2020

We are here to make it easy for our clients and ensure projects can remain on track through virtual public consultation and stakeholder engagement.

Our virtual public consultation service launched this week, helping our clients to ensure the safety of the community and adhere to the government’s social distancing guidelines, whilst fulfilling community consultation requirements.

Allow your audience to access proposals, interact with visualisations, share their comments and dive into detail - all in their own time and in the comfort of their own home. Personalised to you and your development, the virtual consultation room captures feedback instantly, providing collated responses at the push of a button. 

Using technology to digitally connect, we can then host a live event to present proposals and take questions from the public in real time.

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Both during lockdown and when the new normality resumes, a virtual public consultation is an interactive and engaging - but above all - viable, efficient and cost-effective alternative to the traditional approach.

For more information on how the virtual public consultation could work for your development, or to receive a demo, get in touch.

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