RPS laboratories achieve MCERTS accreditation for Stack Analysis

01 Oct 2019

RPS is pleased to announce that following a robust validation programme and a recent UKAS audit, our Manchester laboratory has received Monitoring Certification Scheme (MCERTS) accreditation status.

In January 2017, the Environment Agency published a document2 entitled ‘Performance standard for laboratories carrying out testing of samples from stack emissions monitoring’. This was published as a result of The Environment Agency recognising that laboratories were working to very different standards. The main aim of MCERTS is to:

‘...ensure that by setting quality standards, which everybody must work towards, the standard promotes and raises the professional reputation of people and organisations involved in performing chemical testing of samples taken for monitoring pollution from chimney stacks.’

The standard focuses on how to carry out and report analytical results for stack emission samples and stipulates that “Skilled people must carry out the work using internationally recognised methods.”

The new scope of accreditation includes a wide range of analytical methods. For more information, please contact our specialist laboratory team Pam Thomas or Andrew Best on +44(0) 161 872 2443

  1. MCERTS / UKAS Accreditation Schedule
  2. Environment Agency Document

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