RPS is Biggest Riser in Building’s Top 150 Consultants

29 Sep 2017

RPS has ranked high in three of Building Magazine’s Top 150 Consultants league tables for 2017 representing the leading consultancies for chartered building and engineering services in the UK.

RPS comes straight in at number 9 for the Top 50 Chartered Engineering practices and also ranks at 13 in the Top 150 Firms line-up and 13th for Project Management, with over 65% of our UK building and engineering staff comprising chartered professionals. This is the first year that RPS Group has submitted responses to the annual Building Magazine Surveys for the Building Top 150 Consultants and the Building Good Employer Guide (yet to be published).

Over 500 firms were contacted by construction intelligence service Barbour ABI for this year’s Building’s Top Consultants Survey and the results are ranked according to total number of chartered employees. The survey focussed on numbers of chartered building and engineering professionals employed and figures do not take into account numbers of chartered environmental, landscape design or planning professionals.

RPS Europe CEO, Trevor Hoyle said, “We are delighted to have contributed to Building Magazine’s annual league tables and proud to have figured so highly. This is reflective of the high quality people that define our high quality business.”

Download Building Magazine's Top 150 Consultants of 2017.

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