RPS Ireland Managing Director appointed ACEI President for 2019-2020

20 May 2019

Our relationship with leading engineering bodies is a valuable recognition of our skills, including significant appointments with registered professional bodies. In Ireland we are exceptionally proud that our staff have attained the respected roles of Presidencies of both the Association of Consulting Engineers in Ireland and Engineers Ireland.

Our RPS Ireland Managing Director Gerry Carty is the latest professional engineer to be elected to the role of President of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI) at the association’s recent AGM (14 May).

In this role Gerry intends to ‘focus the activities of the association on implementation of three priorities; making it a trusted and visible advocate, providing better services to members, and providing strong governance.’

With over 38 years of professional experience Gerry is a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, as well as Chartered Engineer, Fellow of Engineers Ireland and Fellow of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Ireland (ACEI). He joined RPS from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2004 initially focusing on water and leading the development of the Galway office, before becoming Managing Director in 2012. He received the European Consultancy CEO of the Year Award in 2018 recognising his management of our Irish business.

Our Irish business has grown significantly in the last eighteen months as the country emerged from a prolonged recession, with staff numbers growing by around 20% and building on our Irish presence globally. In the last 12 months the business has focused on developing collaborative opportunities with clients and colleagues. With colleagues this has included helping to deliver more engineering services to design build contractors in the UK, partnering with our UK planning, environmental and engineering teams to deliver multidisciplinary projects for clients. RPS’ Irish business is also working with our Australia Asia-Pacific business (projects are Gold Coast Airport and MLC Centre Sydney) to help realise great results on 3D design projects and our North America business on highways schemes (projects: Interstate Highway 45 Texas).

Gerry is a strong advocate for digital technology and the need for innovation and excellence in design, which he insists is imperative for the future within RPS. He delivered a paper on ‘Building Collaboration and Partnerships in the Digital Era’ to over 250 delegates at the European Federation of Consulting Engineers Conference last week. He comments:
"We are increasingly focusing on digital delivery (BIM, VR,AR, Digital Twins) and are working with our digital design specialists (Mark Costello, Simon Goulding, Stephen Henderson) and our IT services which has led to RPS being recognised as a leader in the area of digital design."

Gerry Carty
E: gerry.carty@rpsgroup.com

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