RPS EUI – Re-energising the market

22 Oct 2018

RPS Energy & Utility Infrastructure (EUI) uses a dynamic and adaptable approach to projects to fulfil the needs of the client though the flexibility of our Smart Thinking Strategy; challenging traditional approaches and leading the evolution of our field. We are ambitious to be at the forefront of efficient generation development and greater energy storage, utilising intelligent design and management to support the uptake of recent improvements and developments in sustainable energy solutions.

EUI are currently working toward strategy and relationship development with potential collaborators. These relationships are focused on external networking but are open to interested internal parties.

This initiative, whilst searching for opportunities for new customer relationships, is targeted at innovation and new technologies in the energy sector. We are working towards these types of relationships with the intention of employing more modern approaches to provide added value to our clients and attract greater recognition within the industry.

This is not to say that current methods no longer have a place in the equation; our aim is to produce the optimum blend of traditional methodologies and cutting edge modern technologies and techniques to become the “go-to” name for energy and utility infrastructure solutions.

An example of this type of forward thinking can be seen in a current project being undertaken by the team (example, Figure 1): traditional approaches to Electricity, Gas & Water are supported by plans for elements of onsite generation, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and energy storage solutions in order to provide the client with as many options as possible to match their aspirations for the site.

Our ambition is to partner / collaborate with like-minds within the industry and beyond with the hope of seeing this type of integration becoming the new “norm”. We are looking to target companies ranging from the innovative technology start-ups to the versatile conglomerates.

Our team are always looking to improve and enhance the services we offer via our tailored solution packages: currently delivering services within the commercial, distribution, industrial and residential sectors, we would be very interested in hearing from any parties who believe their offerings can either be integrated with, or supported by, our own.

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