RPS delivers virtual risk management training across Europe

26 Jan 2021

Faced with ever-changing compliance legislation during Covid-19, our Heath, Safety and Risk team have transformed traditional training services to create virtual risk management training more suited to our remote working environments.


Virtual risk management training course

With worldwide social distancing measures preventing us from presenting courses face to face, we have prepared to deliver them in bite sized interactive Microsoft Teams webinars to sites across Europe.

Developed in consultation with our clients, we created a bespoke live event to deliver Building Managers Awareness Training to clients in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Austria, Germany, and the UK. The courses cover advice across all compliance areas including Health and Safety, Fire, Legionella, Asbestos and building handovers.

Meeting client requirements whilst producing an engaging course is our priority; ensuring that we provide the necessary advice and support to assist our clients in achieving their training goals.  

We are currently developing a bespoke training program for a client across 70 UK locations and 11 European locations. Whilst we are planning to run these courses face to face in October, we are preparing to deliver them remotely via Teams to approximately 250 delegates across 12 countries.

Danny Luckett, Account Director, comments: “We understand that during this time employers need to be proactive in protecting their people and minimising the risk to staff, which is why we always look at innovative ways to deliver for all types of situation.”

“The dynamic of the team and interaction with both RPS and each of our support partners and clients has been of paramount importance. These relationships have fostered a fluid strategic approach, allowing us to bend and flex with the challenges of developing a suite of virtual online training.”

“We’ve developed a huge array of materials and content to support our clients’ requirements, keeping communication lines open at every stage and implementing an effective governance structure once content has been released.”


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